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The Era of Origin Is Over

  • The Era of Origin Is Over

The reign of State of Origin is coming to a close. It will always have a place on the rugby league calendar but its position as the 'pinnacle of rugby league' has well and truly passed.

Long gone are the days of Mark Geyer and Wally Lewis giving each other a cuddle, now we’ve moved into the age of the milked penalty, the video ref stealing the show, and the dreaded “no-punch” rule.

Long story short, the Origin arena has been consumed by the ravenous NRL and it’s now just another game on the schedule.

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In an era of armchair referee’s with nothing better to do after than game than to pretend that they understand the rules of rugby league, the spectacle has long shifted from the match itself to the armies of keyboard warriors playing the blame game afterwards.

Compounded by a media system which joins in on focusing on anything but the actual game and it’s not difficult to see why the event is losing its edge.

This was always bound to happen, it was always a matter of when rather than if. Rugby league is like a living, breathing entity – it’s constantly evolving. The next key draw card event could come from anywhere, it could even come from somewhere that is already in action.


International rugby league should be the pinnacle, and it very well could be in over the next few circulations of the World Cup and the NRL Auckland Nines has been a huge success in its first two iterations, a promising sign for the future.

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