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Penrith Still The Best Club In Sydney

  • Penrith Still The Best Club In Sydney

The NRL squad reaffirmed it with an exciting 35-12 victory over the Wests Tigers at the weekend - Penrith are still, overall, the best rugby league club in Sydney.

The club championship used to be something everyone got excited about but now that the reserve grades are split up and NRL teams can sometimes even have multiple feeder clubs it's almost impossible to compare all clubs over reserve grades. In Sydney the equation gets a little simpler, and that's where we come in with the FansUnite Club Championship.

The NRL might be the pinnacle of the game but it is underpinned by both the Holden Cup and NSW Cup. How a club performs overall between these three competitions is often a more accurate indicator of how it is performing and where improvements need to be made.

It comes as no surprise then that Penrith are the club best poised in the greater Sydney area for their future position in domestic Australian rugby league.

Illustrated in the above table is the dominance of the Penrith Panthers across the grades. While they're only just coming into their stride in the NRL, they are table-toppers in both the Holden and NSW Cups with handy leads over any other Sydney team in both.

Compare the table to the beginning of the month and it's clear to see which clubs are going to face issues in this season and beyond.

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The Parramatta Eels have improved slightly, closing the gap on the pack thanks to improved performances from all three grades. The Newcastle Knights are the real losers with their teams accruing only 2 wins across all three grades in the last three weeks - it sees them slip from 3rd to 8th!

There's no catching the Penrith Panthers though. 

Can the Panthers go all the way and win all three grades?

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