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Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)

  • Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)
  • Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)
  • Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)
  • Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)
  • Tuesday Top 5: Penrith Recruits (NRL Era)
We might have the biggest and best junior system in the rugby league world, that's hardly up for debate, but there's more to uncovering local talent when it comes to NRL success. Recruitment of key players from outside the club is key in bringing in the right experience and talent to compliment the youth coming through the ranks.

Throughout the NRL era there have been plenty of key recruits brought to the club in search of premiership success, many of them currently at the club. We've picked our five best and most effective Penrith recruits in the NRL era - do you agree with our choices?

 - Peter CIVONICEVA: It was a shock simply that he wasn't going to be a one club player let alone the fact that he'd be swapping the sunny Brisbane for Penrith. There have been few more experienced players recruit to the club in it's history, his respectability and professionalism meant he was as much an off-field recruit as he was on-field.

 - Luke PRIDDIS: In 162 matches he scored 34 tries for the Panthers but none of those was more important than the one which returned Penrith to the lead in the 2003 Grand Final. Every one of those 162 matches was built on 100% effort and dedication from one of the toughest men to play the game but his performance in the 2003 decider was by far and away one of the toughest and most admirable performances ever made in a Penrith jersey.

 - Jamie SOWARD: He's been the key in a big recruitment drive for Penrith over the last few season and in both his presence and absence on the park we've truly seen how much of an impact Soward can have - he is literally a game winner. He'll have a few more seasons at the foot of the mountains to cement his spot on this list but we don't doubt that he'll go down as one of the smartest recruits ever by the club.

 - Elijah TAYLOR: Penrith certainly aren't short of back rowers at the moment, but that hasn't always been the case (remember when Adrian Purtell played in the back row? Yeah, that happened). Standing head and shoulders above the current crop of edge forwards is Elijah Taylor, the immovable object that stands in front of so many players who claim to be the unstoppable object. Taylor always wins. He's one of the best defenders in the game and his addition to the Penrith line is without a doubt the glue that holds the Penrith defence together.

 - Preston CAMPBELL: It's not often you get to recruit a reigning Dally M Medal winner to your club, but when you do you know good things are about to happen. That's exactly what happened when Penrith recruited Sharks magician Preston Campbell in 2003; Premiership success. Campbell would only spend three seasons at the foot of the mountains but he was a fan favourite instantly and the charity work he did off the field (and continues to do now) was as much as part of his allure as was his exciting brand of footy.

Honourable mentions;
 - Amos Roberts with his 23 tries and Dally M winger of the year in his only season (2004) with the club; Peter Wallace in his return to the club after maturing into a representative player in his time at Brisbane; Martin Lang was the enforcer of the 2003 premiership charge and his fearless approach was key to the Panthers success in the years following; Josh Mansour has evolved into a monster since his move from South Sydney and his career is certainly still in it's early years, his metres out of trouble and try scoring ability have already created a lengthy highlight reel.
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