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Penrith Prop Up Wobbly West As Eels, Tigers Lose Heads

  • Penrith Prop Up Wobbly West As Eels, Tigers Lose Heads

Western Sydney. It's supposedly the heartland of rugby league, if the administrators of the game have anything to say about it anyway. Yet it doesn't come as a surprise when one of the several clubs based in the western suburbs struggles on and off the field; except this time it's two.

While it can hardly be said that the Penrith Panthers 2015 season has been a success so far, they are punching just outside the top eight and are the best placed of the three western Sydney teams - Penrith, Parramatta, and Wests Tigers.

In the last few days alone both Parramatta and Wests Tigers have sacked their respective CEO's. While both head honchos have been under heavy pressure of late, these departures have still come at least as a mild surprise being mid season and on the back of victories by both teams.

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The turmoil that comes with this is huge. The boardroom drama at Parramatta has been well documented and the Tigers administration's purported battle with Robbie Farah in the past few years has also stolen headlines from the teams form on the park. Perhaps, in this regard, it's a good thing for the clubs to finally be rid of these distractions despite facing new ones in speculation of who will fill the roles.

Travel a bit further west and we have the Penrith Panthers who've more or less emerged as one of the most professionally and well run clubs in the competition since Phil Gould decided he would pluck the organisation from an abyss of poor management and financial turmoil.

There might be struggles on the park at the moment but there's no doubt that the Penrith Panthers club as a whole is certainly propping up the credibility of rugby league in the west at the moment and it doesn't look like that is going to change any time soon.

It's been a long time since off-field issues overshadowed the Panthers weekend performances and the improvement of the club has been seen at every level and is obvious at every public event.

What do you think has been the most impressive facet of the revitalisation of the Penrith Panthers in the last few years?

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