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Ex-Player Writes of Hidden Side to NRL

  • Ex-Player Writes of Hidden Side to NRL
41 NRL games and 16 tries are normally the stats you see from a young winger who's just about to make a name for himself in the game, but the story of Michael Bani was unfortunately less favourable and his WordPress blog provides us an interesting insight into the story before and after an NRL career.

While we'll leave the heavy reading for WordPress (you can find Bani's full material HERE) it's another reminder of the difficulties that face a professional sports person throughout the entirety of their often short career.

Not many players can have the mental strength like few of our good players who are currently running around. To them, mental strength comes naturally, but for players such as myself, mental strength had to be developed over the years through experience and hard work, reading books and quotes, seeing and speaking to someone that can direct you on the right path. But for most young kids coming through, their mental strength is not yet fully developed. The physical training you do, the high expectations of being a professional sportsman, the highs and lows you are being criticised on in the media, can all have a massive impact on your mentality. Your state of mind becomes vulnerable.

Many complain and ask why we need pay our entertainers so much but when stories like this come to light it's pretty easy to justify the kind of remuneration that only very few will be lucky enough to receive.

Do you think the NRL and rugby league community does enough to support players before and after their NRL careers?
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